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Welcome to KK FUND LEASING Plc.

Message From CEO KK FUND

          On behalf of KK FUND, I have the great honor of presenting to you the KK FUND annual report 2014-2015. I’m grateful that KK FUND is rapid growth; we have already expanded our operation in 5 provinces. We are trying our best to improve our products with good conditions to encourage customers to use a leasing services from KK FUND. The core business of KKFUND is to provide a quality financial service to meet customers’ need and to improve their standard of living. In order to keep KK FUND go on by increasing growth rate in 2016 and upcoming years, as CEO of KK FUND I would like to set the following priority strategies:
1. Build strategic partnership with our corporate partner to provide our best service to customer.
2. Working closely with our bank partnership to grant fund to KK FUND to generate more disbursement.
3. Explore opportunities for further branch expansion.
4. Concentrate on developing new services to our customer.
5. Monitor our risk Management.
6. Continue to invest in human resource to improve our internal control. 

Branch Office


Head Office (Phnom Penh)

Contact Person: 096 5102 777, 096 5110 777, 096 6014 777


Address:#759,Monivong Blvd (93), Sangkat Beoung Trabek, KhanChamkamorn,Phnom Penh.


Kien Svay
Contact Person: Mr. Sorith (Branch Manager)
Mobile Number: 096 6023 777, 096 6036 777, 096 6009 777
Address: Nation Road I, Koki Village, Koki Commune, Kien Svay District, Kandal Province. 
Ksach Kandal
Contact Person: Mr. Ratha
Mobile Number: 096 873 7777, 096 5109 777
Address: National Road 8, An Tong Village, Prek Tamak Commune, Ksach Kandal District, Kandal Province.
Kom PongSpeu
Contact Person: Mr. Son Yut (Branch Manager)
Mobile Number: 096 873 7777, 096 5109 777
Address: #3D, National Road 4, Angserey village, Chhbarmon commune, Rokathom district, Kompong Speu province. 
Peam Ro
Contact Person: Mr. Samnag (Branch Manager)
Mobile Number: 096 5112 777, 096 6073 777
Address: #13 , National Road 11, Ou Dom Village, Prek Ksay (kar) Commune, Peam Ro District, Prey Veng Province.
Kampong Cham
Contact Person: Mr. Seng Sam Aun (Branch Manager)
Mobile Number: 096 3005 777, 096 3013 777, 096 3008 777.  
Address: #22A , National Road 7(old),  Number 7th Village, Sangkat Kampong Cham , Kampong Cham City, Kampong Cham Province.